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Pollution Forest - Unity Source Code

Pollution Forest - Unity Source Code


This is a match game unlike you've ever played before. The object of this game is to keep the animals alive as long as possible. To do so you'll need to strategically place them and the pollution around them so that they don't get trapped inside of the pollution. You can combine the pollution by placing 3 like items next to each other. Doing so will create pollution that was worse than the previous. 

• Admob banners, interstitials implemented & easy to change

• All assets and graphics included

• License to use the code as much as you want

Click Here To Play The Demo

  • Policy Information

    All games here are sold as unity source code files. These unity source can not be put up on store platforms yourself unless you have changed the games & redisigned it to be your own. Uploading a game which has not been changed is against the rules for most/all game platforms. 

  • Product Information

    The items sold here are for Unity Source Codes , and not for games that are already live for others to play. Once you purchase a product the download will begin immediately.

    If for some reason you have not received your product, please do not hesitate to contact us stating your purchase, your purchase number, & all relevant information in which could help us know that you did indeed make a purchase. Once we know this, we will get you the source code you rightfully deserve.

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