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Create Challenge - Unity Source Code

Create Challenge - Unity Source Code

  • Ads implemented
  • ADMOB ready to use (Change the IDs)
  • Cool sounds (You can add background music easily)
  • Minimalistic design
  • for all ages
  • Satisfying and Fun to Play
  • Smooth Control
  • ONE TAP PORTRAIT shooting game
  • Policy Information

    All games here are sold as unity source code files. These unity source can not be put up on store platforms yourself unless you have changed the games & redisigned it to be your own. Uploading a game which has not been changed is against the rules for most/all game platforms. 

  • Product Information

    The items sold here are for Unity Source Codes , and not for games that are already live for others to play. Once you purchase a product the download will begin immediately.

    If for some reason you have not received your product, please do not hesitate to contact us stating your purchase, your purchase number, & all relevant information in which could help us know that you did indeed make a purchase. Once we know this, we will get you the source code you rightfully deserve.

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